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New UTIQUE products available in the online shop!

These small masterpieces will transform your bathroom into palatial baths, allowing your skin to regain its healthy and beautiful look and become your most stunning feature. Dare to treat yourself to more - introduce the touch and scent of true luxury into your everyday care.



Royal Perfection Day Cream

Start your day with our ROYAL PERFECTION DAY CREAM. Make the day truly yours. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unique top-quality ingredients will make your skin more resistant to negative external factors, helping it regain its shine and radiance. Your dream of having a perfectly moisturised, smooth and healthy-looking complexion has finally come true.

50 ml
199,00 euro

  Ruby Solid Parfum

Imagine turning your favourite fragrance into a unique form that you can hold in your hands and take endless delight in... Feel it permeate into your skin, leaving a seductive, captivating scent. Feel it wraps around you like delicate chiffon, caressing and pampering your senses. This is exactly what our new RUBY SOLID PARFUM offers. It is quintessential luxury, with a creamy consistency.

170,00 euro

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